16 January 2017

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #s 19674, 19728, 19802

The latest trio of traffic travails of note have taken place on Carbon Canyon Road within the last few weeks.

They all took place on familiar and frequent locations for errant driving and, while rain may (or may not) have been a factor, that's a far cry for an excuse.

In any case, two took place in the vicinity of the old La Vida Mineral Springs property on the Brea side, in which guardrails on the westbound side were crumpled, crushed and crinkled.  In the case of the one just after the former Manely Friends property, a section of chain link fencing was also battered.

A little further down, where the old entrance to the La Vida motel was located, a section of guardrail that has repeatedly been damaged and replaced has, again, been hit.

The third area is at the entrance to the Carriage Hills development at the S-curve and summit on the Chino Hills portion and involved an eastbound vehicle veering off the highway and tearing out some portions of turf there, just narrowly missing a power pole.

There have been other incidents, including one at the east end of Sleepy Hollow, where fluid residue has been visible on the roadway, and an accident between Canon Lane and Canyon Hills Road, within the same general time period.

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