23 December 2016

Another Carbon Canyon Road Closure + A Bonus

It was brief, but about 6 a.m. today, Carbon Canyon Road was completely closed near Canyon Hills Road just east of Sleepy Hollow on the Chino Hills side of the canyon because a car, presumably traveling westbound, went over the side of the state highway.

There was no rain at the time, so who knows what caused the wreck.  It was early and dark, though.

Meantime, a familiar site/sight over on the Brea portion finds yet another crash into a guardrail at the former entrance to the La Vida Mineral Springs hotel.  The rail was just replaced a couple of months ago after yet another wreck, but a westbound car skidded into this replacement.

This one could be rain related, but there have been so many accidents here, it could also just be speed and inattention.

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