26 November 2016

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #s19371 and 19426

There has been less activity on this blog than in the past and that means that some of the attention paid to errant drivers and their mishaps along Carbon Canyon Road has been lacking.

Still, it does appear that there have been fewer crashes along the state highway recently.

However, there are two recent examples that show that dangerous driving still takes place and that anyone navigating the road should beware of their brethren racing along.

One spot is a common one for crashes:  this is at the mid-point of the S-curve in the Chino Hills portion of the canyon, where metal barriers are placed to protect a light pole.  Invariably, these barriers get hit, plowed down, and repositioned.  Even an old tree stump used as further protection was shoved back from its previous position.

Over on the Brea side of the canyon near the old La Vida Mineral Springs resort site, a vehicle left the roadway in recent days and took out the end of a guardrail on the southern side of the highway.

More dangerously, this vehicle was clearly traveling westbound and crossed lanes before plowing into the rail.  This is also an area that experiences regular instances of miscalculation along Carbon Canyon Road.

It may well be that persons celebrating Thanksgiving were a little too impaired when driving through the canyon.  As the Christmas and New Year's holidays approach, it may well be that other examples will follow.  We'll see . . .

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