19 September 2016

Fall Brush Drop Off for Chino Hills' Carbon Canyon Residents Saturday!

This Saturday, the 24th, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., residents of the Chino Hills portion of Carbon Canyon, including Sleepy Hollow, Mountain View Estates (Canon Lane), Oak Tree Estates and Downs, Western Hills Oaks, Carriage Hills and Summit Ranch, are encouraged to bring your cut brush to the Carbon Canyon Fire Safe Council's brush drop off location on Canon Lane, north of Carbon Canyon Road, adjacent to Chino Valley Fire District Station 64.

Volunteers from the Council will be on hand to assist with the unloading of material into a roll-off bin, provided courtesy of the City of Chino Hills and Republic (Chino Hills) Disposal.  It definitely helps when the brush is cut to pieces that are easily transferred off vehicles and piled into the bin.

The goal is to reduce as much flammable material as possible from the canyon before the fall Santa Anas, with windy and dry conditions, come along.  However, as we all should know by now, there are no "fire seasons," because the entire year is susceptible to wildfires.  Look at the enormous wildfires that broke out in late spring/early summer.

So, if you have material ready to be cut, or already cut, load them onto your vehicle and head on down to the drop-off site this Saturday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Help us reduce the risk of wildfire in our ever-sensitive Carbon Canyon!

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