04 May 2016

Another Carbon Canyon Road Closure

UPDATE, 4:48 p.m.:  Well, there was a change in plans, as posted by the City of Chino Hills:
Wed., 5/4, 4:40 pm - Carbon Canyon Road is now open. AT&T did a temporary fix. Additional repairs will be done at a later time
UPDATE, 4:33 p.m.:  The latest from the City of Chino Hills also estimates an 8 p.m. reopening:

Wed., May 4th - Carbon Canyon Road is Closed Through Evening Commute Hours

Wednesday, May 4th; 4:30 pm - Carbon Canyon Road is completely closed in both directions between Olinda Village and Sleepy Hollow due to downed phone lines. Motorists should plan an alternate route as repairs will continue through the evening commute hours. Chino Hills residents can get to their homes from the Chino Hills side; and Brea residents can get home from the Brea side. Estimated completion of repairs is 8:00 pm. Once word is received that Carbon Canyon has reopened, this message will be updated. 
UPDATE, 4 p.m.:  It looks like Carbon Canyon Road may be open by 8 p.m. tonight, according to the Orange County Register:
A downed telephone line prompted authorities to close off a portion of Carbon Canyon Road in Brea Wednesday afternoon.
Brea police were called around 12 p.m. about an AT&T line in the road, said Lt. Bill Smyser.
Authorities closed the road from Olinda Village to the San Bernardino County line. Residents can still access their homes, Symser said.
No one was reported injured.
Crews are working to repair the line, and the road is expected to reopened by 8 p.m.
It's become a common occurrence over the years--Carbon Canyon Road has been closed, for about the last 45 minutes, because of a car accident leading to downed power lines on the Brea side of the canyon.

Here is the information from the City of Chino Hills:

Carbon Canyon Road is Closed Due to Downed Power Lines

Carbon Canyon Road is closed at this time due to downed power lines as a result of a traffic accident. The closure is from Olinda to the County line. Residents can get home to as far as Sleepy Hollow, but no through traffic is being allowed.

There is currently no estimated time for the reopening of the road.
This is from a post on the NextDoor Sleepy Hollow neighborhood page from 9 April.
This follows another recent closure of a couple of weeks ago due to a wreck on the S-curve in the Chino Hills portion.  Before that, there was a post on the Sleepy Hollow community page of NextDoor showing an overturned vehicle resting against an embankment along the eastbound side of the state highway just east of Old Carbon Canyon Road.

More recently, within the last several days, that poor sign on the S-curve eastbound at the first tight curve, which has been flattened, battered and beaten many times, has had a partial amputation of its left leg due to an errant driver.

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