03 December 2015

Carbon Canyon Historic Artifact #48: Groovy La Vida Dressing Room, 1960s

Here is another Amescolor postcard of La Vida Mineral Springs during the Swinging Sixties, showing the dressing room used before and after guests took to the hot mineral baths.

For its time, the resort was definitely modern and up-to-date.  Note the acoustic ceiling tiles, flourescent lighting fixtures, formica counters, plastic chairs and so on.  While some might cringe at the decor, there are plenty of fans that love this era and its space-age styles.

Walking through part of this site now, it is really hard to imagine the facility being there with its motel, cafe, bath house, swimming pools, landscaping and other elements.

It is pretty difficult to picture a comeback, despite statements that the Japanese owner of the property has contemplated investing $35 million in a new mineral springs resort.

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