07 November 2015

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #18123

Having a front-row "seat" along Carbon Canyon Speedway can be an interesting experience, for sure.  Such as with what happened about ten minutes ago, at 2:45 a.m.

The familiar roar of an engine, the screeching and skidding of tires, and the dull thud of metal and fiberglass hitting dirt or whatever . . . it has a habit of strirring someone from their deep slumber.

In this morning's example, it was a (surprise) young man heading eastbound and taking one of our Sleepy Hollow curves with too much speed, while being followed by another dude of tender years.

His vehicle came to a stop right below my fence, while his friend (sorry, just took a call from sheriff's dispatch asking for more information, because the deputy just arrived) pulled up and stopped.

Unintentional artistic photography?  A quick shot of the two vehicles involved in this morning's little roadside (mis)adventure on Carbon Canyon Road, just below my house in Sleepy Hollow, driving away from the scene.  This came out as bad documentary photography, which is all too typical, but does have a cool effect to it.  Getting aroused from a sound slumber wasn't a total loss, maybe?
While I was making my call to sheriff's dispatch, the two cars were stopped, but, as I headed downstairs to see what was going on, the vehicles, including a dark sedan and a yellow Miata convertible, had done a U-turn and were stopped on the road facing westbound towards Orange County, from which they had presumably come for a little late-night weekend frolic through our canyon.

Just after I had hung up from making the report, the driver was, with a small flashlight, walking by the side of the road, where he had skidded off and come to his initial stop, looking around, probably for any stray pieces of his vehicle, while his friend stood by his sedan.  They chatted a bit and then climbed in their cars and headed off towards Brea.

Incidentally, someone might be able to verify that there was another recent incident westbound on the downslope from Olinda toward the regional park.  Stains from car fluids on the road and some dirt from the hillside splayed onto the shoulder and roadway look to be new within the last few days.

Just another early-morning traffic incident on Carbon Canyon Road and just another incident of interrupted sleep.


FancyFree said...

I am aware there was "something" that happened Friday about 7:30 pm. I was leaving and headed down the hill after Olinda and traffic was completely stopped. No traffic was coming uphill either. We didn't see anything from where we were, just lots of stopped cars. We waited 15 minutes and turned around. I have not been able to find out exactly what happened and have also seen the stains on the road.

FancyFree said...

Correction on that, it was Thursday evening not Friday.

prs said...

Thanks, FancyFree, for the further info.