20 September 2015

Another Carbon Canyon Housing Project: The Enclave is Enroute

As reported in yesterday's Champion, an 11-unit project called the "Enclave at Chino Hills", approved in 2011 by the Chino Hills City Council, is in the home design review phase with a recently resubmitted application soon to go before the Planning Commission.

The two and three-story houses, developed by Everbright International, LLC, will range from about 4,600 to 5,300 square feet on a project area of a little over 6.5 acres.  The architecture is said to be reminiscent of the Tuscany and the French countryside

Everbright International, LLC was founded in January 2012 in Saratoga Springs, Utah, near Provo, but dissolved in just under two years in early 2014.  It now looks to have been reconstituted in California and has a Pasadena office.

It was noted that half of the 365 trees on the property will be removed and that the state Department of Fish and Wildlife requested a tree planting plan and a five-year monitoring program for 251 new oak and walnut trees to be planted as replacements.  The property was approved in the midst of the drafting of Chino Hills' tree protection ordinance.

Obviously, 11 houses is a relative small number, contrasted to the Stonefield project of 28 units across Carbon Canyon Road from the Enclave site, and pales in comparison to the 76, 107 and 162 units of the large-scale Canyon Hills, Hidden Oaks and Madrona projects, the first and third of which have been approved by Chino Hills and Brea, with Hidden Oaks all but a certainty.

Add the Enclave to the growing total of homes likely to be built in upcoming years and we now have 384 houses projected for Carbon Canyon.  This will add somewhere in the vicinity of 1,500 new residents to a locale that has a two-lane roadway, congested for several hours on weekdays, as its only regular access, has a history of regular wildfires, and is in the midst of unprecedented drought.

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