01 July 2015

Carbon Canyon Chronicle Contraction

It has been seven years since the Carbon Canyon Chronicle meekly, tentatively and hesitantly made its way into the blogosphere and, nearly 850 posts later, it's become something much, much, much bigger than could have been envisioned upon launch in June 2008.

Now, it's time for a heads-up.  Simply put, the Chronicle is going to be entering a phase of contraction.  The reasons are several and would involve more explanation than is necessary, other than to say that there will definitely be fewer posts and those that do appear will mostly be shorter and more concise.

A major reason involves a contract just signed for a book on crime and justice in nineteenth-century Los Angeles, which has been in the works (or, frequently, dormant) since 1997.  At nearly twenty years, it just has to get done.  Hopefully, it will make its appearance sometime next year.

As for this blog, the intention is for occasional offerings providing the usual heady mix of canyon news, history, and appreciation--just not as frequently or as detailed.  What is unknown is just exactly what that means in terms of quantity and content.  We'll just have to see.

For all of you supporters, including the 39 identified followers of the blog, as well as the many others who don't formally follow but definitely check in regularly, what else can be said, but--thank you, thank you, and thank you for all of the views, comments and other ways of demonstrating your interest!  The best part about doing this is really the reactions from those who've come forward on the blog or in person.

So, bottom line:  the Chronicle will continue, but just in a more limited way, so keep checking in from time-to-time.  Your interest and support are greatly appreciated!


Heidi said...

Thank you for all the amazing information you have shared over the years. I may not comment often, but I'm a regular reader. Good luck with the book and thanks for letting us know of the changes with the Carbon Canyon Chronicle.
Best wishes,
Heidi Stearns

Ann Summers said...

Thanks, Paul, for being a voice of reason regarding all the changes facing Carbon Canyon. I wish you luck in completing your book, but we will all miss your timely comments and historical information. Please continue to write as often as possible.

Ann Summers

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to reading your book! And thanks always for Carbon Canyon Chronicle!

prs said...

Thanks Heidi, Ann and Anonymous for your kind words and encouragement!