18 February 2015

Sleepy Hollow Waterline Project Underway

In the large turnout area off the westbound side of Carbon Canyon Road at the east end of Sleepy Hollow are a big collection of construction materials, including a portable water tank, pipe and other items, while construction cones line that side of the state highway towards Canyon Hills Road.

The reason for this is that the City of Chino Hills has begun an upgrade of water lines coming from the new Canyon Hills development project, recently begun by new owner Woodbridge Pacific Group, LLC, to Sleepy Hollow.

The current phase of the project is to upgrade an existing 6-inch mainline to a 12-inch one between Canyon Hills Road and the site where all of the material is now parked, but not further into Sleepy Hollow.

A long section of 12-inch pipe sits along the north side of Carbon Canyon Road between Sleepy Hollow and Canyon Hills Road as crews work on replacing the old 6-inch lines with the new pipe.
A second, future phase will install a new 12-inch line from the Canyon Hills development in the hills to the north and east of Sleepy Hollow and run that past the community water tank and down Hillside Drive, much of which is a rough dirt road now, to its termination at Carbon Canyon Road at the west end of the neighborhood.

By installing much larger mains, the idea is to provide a consistent water pressure within Sleepy Hollow with an eye primarily for fire protection, rather than for residential use.  It may even be possible, down the road, that the Sleepy Hollow water tank, which sits atop the hill at the north side of the community will be retired and removed and pressure regulators installed to manage flow.

What isn't known is the duration of this first phase, or when the second phase, which is dependent on the construction timetable for the 76-unit Canyon Hills development, will take place.


Anonymous said...

I'm a recent resident of Sleepy Hollow (moved in 3 years ago) and I love your blog. Keep up the good work!

prs said...

Hello anonymous, glad you like the blog and thanks for the encouragement!