15 October 2014

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #16141

Just sitting here on the computer a few minutes ago, when the familiar roar of a speeding car, the skidding as it tried to negotiate a curve here Sleepy Hollow and then the sounds of crashing were heard in short order.

Walking down to Carbon Canyon Road and then a little east of Rosemary Lane, there are two late-model cars sitting on the south side of the highway, one of them with a blown-out tire and probably other damage and three young men, in their late teens or early twenties, milling around with flashlights.

On the side of the road, where there is a dirt embankment about six or eight feet high, the tire marks are visible climbing the slope to where the remnant of a rock wall projected out and was hit by the vehicle.  The car then drove down the road a couple hundred feet or so before it came to a halt along the narrow shoulder.

The driver and his friends, who a neighbor said were racing through the canyon, were walking down the road with their flashlights looking for something--probably whatever common sense they once had.

This has become something of a consistence occurrence in a decade of living in Carbon Canyon and being right on the road gives a little extra experience to the regular displays of dangerous driving that happen along Carbon Canyon Road.  In most cases, the speeding and skidding don't lead to an accident, but sometimes they do.

Damage from a recent accident on Carbon Canyon Road east of Olinda Village, in which a car heading westbound skidded across the road and hit the guardrail.  
Not long ago, someone heading westbound on the highway, just east of Olinda Village took a curve too fast, skidded across the opposing lane and put a good-size dent in the guardrail there. Other recent instances of skid marks, mostly on the Brea side, show people miscalculating and over-correcting, but not actually hitting anything.

The sheriff's department was called, basically because of the close proximity of the disable vehicle to the roadway as a fairly regular stream of cars are making their way east into Chino Hills and there could be a hazard.  Wonder if the responding officer will ask what happened and what kind of answer there'll be.  The call in did mention that there was racing going on--the roar of the engine, the skidding and the crash were pretty clear indicators.

In all likelihood, the car will get towed and repaired and the youngster will be at it again very soon.

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