12 May 2014

Meeting on Trucks Using Carbon Canyon Road This Wednesday

A group of citizens in and around Carbon Canyon is convening this Wednesday, 14 May @ 6:30 p.m. to discuss the issue of large trucks utilizing Carbon Canyon Road.

The meeting will take place at the clubhouse of the Summit Ranch housing development at 2450 Sandstone Court (click here for its Google Map location) in Chino Hills.

A list of topics that might be covered at the confab include the creation of a grassroots organization and selection of officers, determining public outreach strategies, such as a Web site, and more.  Anyone interested is encouraged to bring photographs or other documentation about the use of the state highway by large vehicles.

This topic has been broached on this blog before and it bears noting that CalTrans has posted signs that advise drivers of vehicles longer than 30 feet against using the roadway, but this purely a recommendation.  Because of Carbon Canyon Road's status as a state highway connecting inland and coastal areas between San Bernardino and Orange counties, it is questionable whether the department will change its policy on large vehicles driving the road.

On the other hand, as noted here before, portions of State Highway 39 in La Habra Heights were decommissioned some years back and the roadway, known there as Hacienda Road (between Whittier Boulevard and Hacienda Heights), is under the jurisdiction of the city.  This, of course, means that its maintenance, as well as policing and policy-setting, are also the responsibility of La Habra Heights.

Whether the cities of Brea and Chino Hills would even consider the idea of seeking the decommissioning of Carbon Canyon Road as a state highway so that they can assume more direct control of its use is the question, because it is not likely desirable for them to also be responsible for its maintenance.

Nonetheless, those interested in the question of large vehicles on Carbon Canyon Road are encouraged to attend this meeting and offer their opinions, help and support.

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Anonymous said...

A gravel hauler with doubles just about ran me off of the road, when he was taking the curve right before the store every tire on the drivers side was on my side of the road. Good thing I was not even going the speed limit. I had enough time to pull towards the side of the hill and get myself tucked in there in order to avoid being hit.