17 April 2014

Carbon Canyon Beautification Project #23

Admittedly rusty and decaying, the remains of the old incinerator, from the days when people freely burned their waste in their backyards, from an old residential site east of Sleepy Hollow and just west of Canyon Hills Road along the north side of Carbon Canyon Road, has hardly inspired much interest over recent years.

This old and rusted portion of an incinerator, used to burn trash at the back of a long-gone residence on the Chino Hills side of Carbon Canyon, just west of Canyon Hills Road and on the north side of Carbon Canyon Road, has lately been tagged.
Still, someone thought that it was high time to make their contribution to the improvement and beautifying of the canyon by tagging the inoffensive relic.  Unlike recent graffiti applied to the old La Vida Mineral Springs water tank, which has consistently been covered over by a good Samaritan, this defacement will probably inspire no such benefactor . . . or will it?

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