26 November 2013

Carbon Canyon Historical Artifact #40: La Vida Mineral Springs Cafe Interior, 1960s

There has been at least one other post on this blog of a color view of the inside of the café at La Vida Mineral Springs from the 1960s, but this one is something else, maybe even groovy, man.

Check out the brightly colored seats, the light fixtures, the window treatments, the cattle horns over the roaring fire in the fireplace, the carpeting, the pattern on the seating at the far right and towards the left and, behind the latter, what looks like a multi-colored and multi-paneled divider.  Far out!

Indeed, the short caption on the reverse of the card, another by Amescolor Publishers of Escondido near San Diego, reads "Colorful dining room at / LA VIDA MINERAL SPRINGS / Carbon Canyon Road / Brea California."  That it is--it's swingin'.

Coming up soon are some recollections and a couple of great snapshots from someone whose family owned La Vida for many years . . .  meantime, Happy Turkey Day.  Wouldn't it have been cool to eat a Thanksgiving meal at a place like this card shows?


Tommy Henrich said...

I had my 7th Birthday Party here at La Vida back in June, 1973 with many of my Olinda School, 2nd Grade classmates.

prs said...

Hi Tommy, thanks for the comment and for visiting the Chronicle. Did the inside of the place look like what is on this postcard?

Christine Mock said...

I lived on Rosemary Lane from 1975 to 1986. Aside from exploring the countryside, we spent many Saturday mornings at the restaurant, Chris made the best cheese omelets. On Saturday evenings we'd listen to bands there. Good times long ago. I even worked at the hotel and springs for a while. Loved those baths!

prs said...

Hi Christine, thanks a lot for sharing some recollections of La Vida. You lived in Sleepy Hollow before the big commuter rush hit. Driving through several times in 1985-86 on weekends, it was noticeably different. Again, thanks for visiting.