15 September 2013

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #13023: Fatal Crash in Brea Early This A.M.

Sometime overnight sleep was disturbed by sirens as a police car raced down Carbon Canyon Road heading westbound.

Whether that involved an accident or not, there was one at about 3:00 this morning involving a fatal crash, the first in quite some time, on the westbound side of the highway just in front of the old La Vida Mineral Springs resort.

According to On Scene Video, an online news source (click here to see video of the crash scene), the driver, a Chino Hills resident and college student, was killed and a passenger survived.

A power pole hangs precariously over Carbon Canyon Road after a car clipped it and crashed, killing the driver and leaving a passenger to survive the accident, which occurred early this morning on the Brea side of the Canyon, in front of the old La Vida Mineral Springs resort, a water tank from which is at the far right. 
Presumably, the cause of the crash was excessive speeding on the sharp curves that predominate on that section of the roadway.  Judging from the position of the vehicle, it appears the Chevy Camaro was heading east.

Although there have been few posts lately concerning errant negotiating of Carbon Canyon Road, there have been several long stretches of skid marks observed lately, mainly on the Brea side, as well as a pushed in barrier at the S-curve in Chino Hills to protect the kind of power pole that was toppled in this morning's crash.

An alert came through before 10 a.m. stating that the road was closed to westbound traffic at the Orange/San Bernardino and Brea/Chino Hills line while Southern California Edison worked to replace the downed pole and lines.

Dangerous driving is still very much alive . . . unfortunately, this morning's driver isn't.

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