08 August 2013

Carbon Canyon Historical Artifact #37: 1940s Postcard of La Vida Mineral Springs

Here is another ca. 1940s postcard of La Vida Mineral Springs, in which a photograph was rendered into a color image almost looking like a drawing or painting.

The view is from the parking area just west of Carbon [Canyon] Creek, with the footbridge partially visible at left, as well as the red-colored sidewalk, parts of which are still visible in the parking area where the photographer stood for this image.  Off to the left out of view the footbridge led to the café (seen in the last entry here), cottages, a picnic area, and other elements of the resort.

The building in the background is the 1920s-era bathhouse, which was largely destroyed in a late 1950s boiler explosion that badly wounded several people.  On that site, the two-story motel was built that lasted until a fire several decades later.

Today the site is filled with weeds, trees, and the like, giving no indication that something like this was ever there.

On the reverse of the card, published by the Adv. [presumed, Advertising] Pencil Company of Kansas City, Missouri, is a description that reads:
La Vida Mineral Springs Home of World famous Natural Mineral Water, Baths, Massage, Colonics, Hotel Rooms, Housekeeping Cottages, Excellent Café with Home cooked food.  In Beautiful Carbon Canyon just seven miles East of Brea, Calif.  For Health and Relaxation out of the Smog and Fog, visit this secluded, restful Resort.  Just thirty-three miles from Los Angeles.  For information write Rt.1, Box 176A, Placentia, Calif. or call Placentia 5150.
Note that the address was considered Placentia and that, as far back as the 1920s, people associated with La Vida (namely, its managers and employees) had this same rural route post office box address and telephone exchange.  Yet, the description located the site as "just seven miles East of Brea, Calif."  It was not until later, perhaps the 1960s, that this area, part of unincorporated Orange County, was annexed to Brea and became associated with it in address and telephone number listings.

As for those colonics . . .

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