27 May 2013

Carbon Canyon Historical Artifact #34: The Last of Three 1940s La Vida Mineral Springs Views

This is the last of a set of three circa 1940s real photo postcards of La Vida Mineral Springs in the Brea portion of Carbon Canyon.

The caption at the bottom reads "Bath House / La Vida Mineral Springs," although the title is a little misleading.  What the view does show is portions of the hotel and bathhouse, where the sign partially is visible behind the tree and the one-story structure in front of it.

Notably, the photographer stood in the parking area to the west and captures the dilapidated wooden foot bridge crossing Carbon [Canyon] Creek.  Note how the floor of the bridge is buckled and uneven and the side rails are leaning badly to the left.

There is a sign on a horizontal beam or pole at the middle of the bridge, which issues a welcome to visitors though one wonders what kind of welcome awaited when trying to cross the rickety structure.

More than likely, visitors to the old hotel and bathhouse, which were destroyed in a late 1950s explosion that was covered in a previous post on this blog, took the auto bridge off Carbon Canyon Road closer to the structure. 

In any case, the footings for this bridge and for the auto bridge, both of which are long gone, can still be found on the banks of the creek.

As with the other two cards from the set shown here, this is postally unused and has an EKC (for Eastman Kodak Company) stamp box, dating it to that 1940s time period.

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