05 March 2013

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #11111

Here's another new example at an old site.  This is at the entrance to the La Vida Mineral Springs hotel on the Brea side of Carbon Canyon.

A vehicle going westbound likely took the turn just east of this too quickly and skidded across the eastbound lane and into the bottom of the hillside.

The flattened reflector to the left of the skid marks is from an earlier incident.  Just to the right of the white line in the foreground is where several cars have gone off the road and either into Carbon Creek or damaged/destroyed parts of the guardrail there. 

Accumulated examples noted on this blog over the past five years indicate this to be most prone spot to errant driving on the highway, along with the S-curve turn noted in the last two "On the Skids" entries.

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