29 December 2012

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #10564-66

Of recent vintage are three incidents that have taken place along the S-curve on Carbon Canyon Road on the Chino Hills section of Carbon Canyon.

The first involves the sign that just won't die—one that has been mauled, mangled, manhandled and mowed down many times over the years—on the tightest curve about half-way down on the eastbound side.  Its left "leg" below the shin has been sheared off, but it stands shakily on its remaining appendage, politely, if often futilely, asking drivers to take it slow around the bend.

A little further down along a set of guardrails just east of one of the entrances to the Summit Ranch subdivision is an area in which a debris trail, a crumpled portion of rail (to the left of the reflecting reflector) and a fender are left from a miscalculation.

This seems to be the case even further down at the bottom of the curve, where a bent reflector sign and pieces of yellow reflecting material testify to another errancy by an eastbounder.

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Everything ok? Where have you been?? Miss you postings!