12 May 2012

Carbon Canyon Brush Clearance Due by Tuesday the 15th

The deadline for clearing brush on the Chino Hills side of Carbon Canyon, established by the Chino Valley Fire District, is this Tuesday the 15th.  After that date, inspectors from the district will be going through the Canyon and determining which properties have not yet been cleared.

Those areas that are not adequately cleared will be cited, crews brought in by contract with the district, and property owners subject to paying these costs and potential additional fines.

The reason for the mandate is to remove as much flammable material as possible within the Canyon as we head into the warmer Summer season when drier conditions mean that the likelihood for wildfires are much greater.

Meantime, the brush drop-off program, coordinated by the Carbon Canyon Fire Safe Council with assistance from the City of Chino Hills and roll-off bins provided by Chino Hills Disposal, was conducted earlier today.  A couple dozen or so drop-offs by about ten different persons led to filling several tons worth of plant material in two large bins.  Fire Safe Council members assisted residents in offloading the material from their vehicles into the bins.

This Wednesday, the Fire Safe Council will be recognized for its volunteer efforts to promote fire awareness and prevention at a meeting held at Western Hills Country Club, during which time council members will receive certificates of appreciation for their donated time over the course of the last year. 

Congratulations to those persons who take time out of their busy lives to work for the promotion of fire issues in Carbon Canyon!

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