24 January 2012

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #s 8627-30

There have been a rash of collisions on Carbon Canyon Road within the last few days.  The first seems to have been an eastbound miscalculation on the Brea side just west of the Chino Hills border in which a car veered off the roadway and crumpled a guardrail.  A bumper seems to have been retrieved, but other debris remains.  This took place likely on Friday and before the rain came in.

Yesterday afternoon about 4 p.m., after the heavier showers had dissipated, but with the highway possibly still a little slick, another wreck took place at the summit of the S-curve in Chino Hills, where a few accidents have occurred lately.  There is a Nissan hood grille and other fragments left there. 

Then, today, a lightpole was plowed over on the north side of the highway just west of Chino Hills Parkway. 

Meantime, a couple of slightly older incidents happened on the Brea side--one mentioned previously was at the old La Vida Mineral Springs property, where a fender lies under a dead bush on the north side of the highway.

Finally, a likely near miss occcurred in which a car heading westbound east of the burned out Manely Friends stable and west of the first mentioned accident above skidded across the opposing lane and into the south side shoulder.  There isn't any remaining wreckage, suggesting the vehicle made its cross-highway excursion without any intrusion from travelers coming the opposite way.  Skid marks remain to show what took place.

And, it may be worth noting that, in the Sleepy Hollow area, there are some young motorcyclists who have taken to riding on Carbon Canyon Road, as well as the neighborhood's one-way curving lanes, at high speeds and/or without helmets and/or passing other vehicles and/or standing while doing the first two (or maybe all three) of the above.  At that age, most of us believe we're invincible--let's hope these young 'uns don't find out the hard way.


Jeff West said...

I was doing a little research trying to corroborate my story about the Carbon Canyon Ski Villa and found your Blog about it from 2009. Finally! My family believes my story about my friends and I working on this bizzare endeavor in 1966 as BOUHS students. Never skied it myself after seeing the injuries.

Love the Chronicle about the area I grew up in, hunted & hiked for many years. Many great memories.

prs said...

Hi Jeff, thanks for commenting and am glad you could verify something from your past! One of the best things about doing this is seeing the comments from people like you who have good memories of the Canyon. This is also confirmation of why those who care about it should be advocates for its preservation as a unique place.