09 June 2011

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #7529: Full Closure of Carbon Canyon Road

The Leaning Tower of Sleepy Hollow (Redux)

Sure is quiet here in Carbon Canyon this evening.  Arrived home to find the electric clocks stopped at 6:43.  Turns out a car accident led to the shearing of a power pole on Carbon Canyon Road between the Orange County/San Bernardino County line and the Rosemary Lane/Hillside Drive intersection.  SR-142 is closed to thru traffic.

Couldn't get down to the road, so took this shot of the road blocked off at Canyon Market from on high.

Looks like the repair work to the pole and lines will be conducted by Edison throughout the night and, perhaps, into the morning's commute.  Likely to lose power at points overnight, but at least we'll be counting sheep (or power poles).

Shocking.  Electrifying.  Polarizing.  OK, Annoying.

At least, it'll be a restful night's sleep for those who live along SR-142.


Empoprises said...

Still closed as of Friday morning, and both the 60 and the 57 were busier than usual.

So, did you hear the crickets last night? :)

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the quiet last night (and did hear crickets) but did not enjoy the 40 additional minutes on my drive home.

Looks like they're aiming to re-open 142 by 4pm Friday (today). Good luck!

prs said...

Hello Empoprises and Anonymous, fortunately, I didn't have to drive in/out from the OC side and, yes, did enjoy the silence (well, with the crickets.) If anyone heard the cause, other than a single car accident, leave a comment. Thanks!