21 March 2011

Canyon Market Open Again (After All)

Canyon Market in Sleepy Hollow is open after all; at least on Saturday when driving by, it was noticed that the lights were on.  So, after stopping in and finding the owner Joe still there and inquiring about being closed, it was learned, at least according to him, that he hadn't been closed at all. 

Perhaps the change in ownership notification mentioned in the mid-February post was for a proposed transfer that didn't take place and the previous owners reassumed management of the business.  At any rate, the store is there and open for business. 

Meantime, the Circle K just east at the northeast corner of Carbon Canyon Road and Canyon Hills Road is moving closer to completion and opening.  The exterior is essentially complete, the parking lot is paved and striped, outdoor lighting is installed and it appears that interior work is advancing.  It certainly cannot be long now.

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