10 November 2010

Olinda Oil Field Postcard, ca. 1910s

This ca. 1910s postcard is described as "Oil Wells, Olinda, California" and was published by the Sub-Post Card Company of Los Angeles.

Courtesy of the Homestead Museum in City of Industry, here is an early real photo postcard view of the Olinda Oil Field.  In the foreground is a man on a wagon drawn by a four-horse team.  To the left are some structures and a tank that reads "Union Oil Company of Cal."  Union was one of the major oil companies in California and a big player in the Olinda field.  On the hill in the background are part or all of about ten wooden oil well derricks.  At the far right, at the base of the hill, is what appears to be a road.  The first thought is that this is Carbon Canyon Road, but it is difficult to identify the location.  Could this actually be Brea Canyon?

The caption on the card simply reads: "Oil Wells, Olinda, California."  The publisher is given as Sub-Post Card Company of Los Angeles and there is nothing, not even a stamp box or other printing, on the reverse.

If anyone has any idea where this locale is, a comment would be appreciated.

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