09 September 2010

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #5303

This one just happened within the last half-hour: a vintage (1960s?) Ford one-ton pickup, a hefty sucker, decided to make a U-turn westbound on Carbon Canyon Road heading down from Olinda Village. 

If he'd had a 4-cylinder subcompact and could have made it in one quick maneuver. so be it.  But, with that massive vehicle he had to do a left swing, reverse back toward the hill and then turn back onto the roadway.  I had to slow down on my approach eastbound and, fortunately, no one came barreling down the hill heading to the west.

This is a stretch of road with some gentle curves, no street lights, and it was 9:15 at night.  Brilliant. 

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Anonymous said...

Hee-hee. Back in the 70's this was the stretch of road for the El Dorado HS driving school. One kid tried to make the turn, ended up vertically on a hill with teacher and students inside the car. From that point on, we were restricted to driving in parking lots.