11 August 2010

Another Amazing Graffiti Removal Response

Sometime between Monday morning and Wednesday morning, another spate of graffiti appeared at the S-curve along Carbon Canyon Road in the Chino Hills portion of the canyon.  Two CalTrans directions signs were tagged, as was a message board on private property adjacent to the highway.  The photos here were taken just this morning at around 8:30 a.m. 

Within less than an hour, however, the tagging was gone on all three signs.  It appears that CalTrans got out during that window of time and removed the desperate cries for attention, though the agency would not usually work with private property like the message board. 

At any rate, whoever got out there in short order to take care of the problem deserves thanks. 


Yashila said...

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prs said...

Hi Yashila, wow, a comment! Haven't had many of those lately. Thanks for the kind words and hope you'll visit regularly.

Anonymous said...

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prs said...

Hello Anonymous, thanks for your comment. Of course, public property, whether city or state, has to be dealt with through those entities. But, if there are private property owners who need a resource, this might help. If only the absentee landlord (Japanese) would do something about the mess on the historic La Vida Mineral Springs water tanks!