28 March 2010

So Near and Yet Sofa Away

I'm probably spoiled living over on the San Bernardino County side of Carbon Canyon when it comes to CalTrans responsiveness.  I've made a few (four?) requests for service from District 8, which handles the SBCO side, for trash pickup and graffiti over the six years I've lived here and have, each time, seen a quick and decisive response.  On top of this, there has been repaving, new guardrails, new signage added to this side in greater profusion than on the Orange County side, handled by District 12.  Much of this may be attributable to the fact that San Bernardino County's Measure I provides additional sales tax revenue wholly dedicated to CalTrans transportation projects; some of it may be about how the districts are managed.

At any rate (and, of course, it's only a piece of furniture), a sofa was unceremoniously dumped at a turnout at the 5.5 mile marker along the eastbound side of Carbon Canyon Road (SR 142) just past the old La Vida Mineral Springs property several months back.  After allowing a cushion in case it was removed promptly, I waited for a time (as well as forgot) before making a District 12 website service request at the beginning of this month to remove the item.  Alas, nothing.

Then, earlier in the week, a passel (yes, a passel) of CalTrans vehicles and workers were gathered in that very turnout—obviously for another project—but I thought there'd be a residual removal of the poor tattered piece of furniture.  Yet, there is still reclines, like a lot of homes, upside down.

Of course, the accompanying photos show that, by summer, the weeds may completely cover the poor thing and it'll be forgotten in its obscurity.  I can't couch this in more polite terms, so here's the most direct way to frame it: I'm just not sure why District 12 can't get the sofa out of there after three or four months and almost a month after my humble service request.  Guess my request got stuffed somewhere.

If they do retrieve it, they might want to grab the tire (the other two were salvaged by others) that's been sitting for the last several weeks or so at the westbound side (mile marker 4.8?) just before Olinda Village while they're at it.

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